We’ve spent years fighting the gender apartheid, now the Left takes us back


I feel like feminism has honestly achieved a lot in erasing gender segeration in the West.

Well, kind of. When I say feminism, I mean the true moment of gender equality. I don’t for any second mean the whiny Tumblrites who complain about air conditioning.

Feminism has been very successful in promoting STEM fields to girls. As a result, STEM fields each year become closer and closer to a true 50/50 gender balance.
It’s also been very successful in rebalancing the gender earnings gap, with young women now being paid more than their male counterparts.

We’re starting to see gender neutral toilets introduced a lot more, because who would have thought — when people go to the toilet, usually they just want to do their business and leave.

We have mixed-gender schooling, although it is constantly under attack by the feral far-left. We already know that mixed-sex schooling works better here.

The latest attack on equality is by Jeremy Corbyn’s labour party (let’s be honest, we all know how the vote is going to turn out) on mixed-gender train carriages. And, to a point, I can actually understand.
If you’ve ever been on the London Underground (LU) or any busy train during rush hour, you know how personal it can get.
Sometimes people exploit the closeness. Sometimes this exploitation is full on sexual assault.
Since we know that most of the aggressors are male, a quick solution, of course, would be gender-segerated carriages.
Some religions also have rules dictating against contact with the other sex — however I don’t see this as a reason whatsoever to defend this.

Gender segerated carriages, however, wouldn’t solve the fact that some perpetrators are female. And that some victims are male.
Do we then have male only carriages, to protect men from women?Or how about our own personal carriages, because I dicate that I cannot be around anyone?
And for trans-folk, do we ask for IDs before they can enter these gender-segerated carriages? How do we deal with intersex? Will it lead to situations like this?
How do we know how many womens-only carriages to put on? Is it 50% of all the train space? Do we actually expect people to follow these rules on over-capacity services like the LU?

I can see us getting more and more segerated as we import people with third world views and ideologies into Britain enmass — those on the extreme left want to make Britain as comfortable as they can to migrants, and the best way of doing so is to replicate their oppressive culture.
A good example template state for Corbyn might be Sweden, the far-left literal rape capital of Europe.

We have to defend what people have fought so hard to build. We can’t just let years of progress wash down the drain, in search of quick solutions.