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Welcome to my little space on the tinterweb!

This is my space where I blog. I try to be interesting, but this blog will probably only appeal to the geeker tastes.

My very first experience on being social on the Internet was in around 2005 or 2006, where myself and a friend were only about 10 or 11. We soon ran our own IRC network for a few years, off of two laptops on a home connection. I didn’t realize that when you close the lid on the laptop, suspend/sleep wouldn’t keep the networking stack alive, so I wondered one day why when opening my laptop lid the next day there was a netsplit!

I’ve not really had my own website before, I’ve usually encouraged people interested about me to follow me on Twitter or contact me on IRC.
But, as I’ve had numerous people ask me about stuff I’ve mentioned, or want further information on things I have mentioned, or just want to know more about me, I decided to create one.

The topics here will be anything I find interesting – technology, new world, travel, my handsome and fantastic boyfriend and maybe I’ll post my family cats at some point!
WordPress is an interesting choice for me, I don’t like WordPress. However, I don’t have any time right now to write a small personal blogging platform for myself. I don’t do any freelance work on WordPress.

I’m currently working as an all-rounder freelancer. I like to call myself a ‘Web Infrastructure Developer’ – I find this title a little more original than the ‘Full-Stack Developer’ title. I work with all parts of the web stack, including frontend HTML and CSS design all the way to custom nginx modules to mitigate Level 7 DDoS attacks. I also manage the technical affairs for a few gaming websites, which are generally successful.

I’m busy trying to make the next adventure happen.

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