What does Facebook have against Christmas?


This turned into a bit of a rant! My apologies!

If you were on Facebook during Christmas time, you probably noticed something was lacking from the ‘Trending’ part of the site, which is usually on the right-hand side. Christmas.
I don’t think this can be attributed from lack of user activity, because at least in my circle of friends, and my partner’s circle of friends, there were many Christmas messages and photos being passed about.
And it’s trending on Twitter, still, as of Boxing Day.

So, what does Facebook have against Christmas? And is this a thing that is exclusive to the company? Or is it a bigger problem in Silicon Valley and attack on Christianity?
Why was Facebook happy to add Eid and Ramadan onto that list, but not Christmas?

I’ll start by expressing my opinion that there is a global attack on Christianity. I’m not even Christian myself, but my kindest friends in life have been Christians. The majority of modern Christians I’ve met have a ‘live and let live’ attitude to life, and it’s hard to compare other world religions to it. The closest parallels I can probably draw are to Buddhism. Both religions share the same level of passiveness and kindness, with very little doctrine-based hate crime or attacks coming from either.

Of course though, to the Buzzfeed and Tumblrite public, Christianity is seen as an oppressive and evil religion. Why? Because they see Christians as running all the current existing power structures.
Well, is that even true? Not really. But you wouldn’t get elected as president of the U.S. or a senate-grade position without saying you are.

When a Christian does deviate from what is politically correct, the media is quick to jump on them and call them every name under the sun. When we see similar behavior from “less-quiet” religions like Islam, we see them portrayed as the victim or the media simply ignoring it, if there is no way to make them appear victimized.

Every year, we see that Christian holidays consistently eroded.
Well, we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas should we, that’s a bit racist? What about religious group X? Well, it’s just consumerism isn’t it?
To the point, of course, that it’s becoming politically incorrect to say Merry Christmas, and instead we say Seasons Greetings or something similar.
The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, didn’t even issue a Christmas message or broadcast this year, didn’t say squat about it. But he issued such a message for Eid.

So really, Facebook censoring Christmas from their trending topics entirely is just the next progressive step.
Will Google do the same next year?